Saturday, September 19, 2009

This is...

Absolutely beautiful! Argh i'd love to be wearing something like this right now. The pastel colours plus the black accessories really look fantastic. I wonder if Hanneli would mind if I 'borrowed' everything she's wearing in this picture? Actually, I'd prefer it if she would kindly donate her whole wardrobe to me. Me, selfish?! No...
But look at her wardrobe:(you can see the dress she's wearing in the above picture is in the top right hand side of the picture below)
Now you can't tell me that you're not tempted... But in reality, I'll just have to keep admiring everything she wears and hope that one day, I could look half as good as she continually looks!

photo credit: lefashion & Jewel Box Dreams


little shadow said...

Oh, I love this.
Your blog has so many fantastic pictures, looks like you're really inspired <3

mel said...

ah i dont know this girl but she looks really good!the previous photoshoot u posted (with chloe) is lovely :)